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Tasmanian Liberals

Liberals’ back Mussleroe development: to deliver over 1000 new jobs for the North East

Published: Sat 15 Feb 2014, 11:00pm

A majority Liberal government will have creating jobs as its number one priority. We recognise the North East of Tasmania is a region in desperate need of an economic and jobs boost since Labor and [Read more]

Tasmanian Greens

Greens pledge to lower optional voting age  

Published: Sat 15 Feb 2014, 12:41pm

The Tasmanian Greens today pledged  to lower the voting age from 18 to 16 years of age, for young Tasmanians to exercise their democratic right to have a say in the future of the state. [Read more]

ABC News Tasmania

Premier confirms she was swayed by internal party polling

Published: Sat 15 Feb 2014, 11:56am

The Tasmanian Premier Lara Giddings has confirmed internal Labor polling played a part in the decision to end the party's power sharing arrangements with the Greens. The internal party polling showed dumping the Greens would [Read more]

The Mercury

Time to grow Tassie

Published: Sat 15 Feb 2014, 11:52am

THE Property Council has called on Tasmanian political parties to focus on population growth to attract investment. [Read more]

The Mercury

Election: It’s up to the people

Published: Sat 15 Feb 2014, 12:46am

THESE are the average Tasmanian voters the parties must win over, as an exclusive poll for the Mercury shows a likely Liberal election victory. [Read more]

The Mercury

Lara looks for a starring role

Published: Sat 15 Feb 2014, 12:09am

Alex Johnston tails the pollies on the campaign trail. [Read more]

The Examiner

Greens aim to create equality

Published: Sat 15 Feb 2014, 12:00am

REDUCING legal and social discrimination based on gender or sexual identity is the aim of an $850,000 policy package announced by the Greens yesterday. [Read more]

The Examiner

Roses a statement on equality

Published: Sat 15 Feb 2014, 12:00am

GAY marriage supporters Mara Schneiders and Bel St Clair made a symbolic Valentine's Day delivery to the electorate office of Liberal MHR Andrew Nikolic yesterday. [Read more]

The Examiner

Single planning system doubted

Published: Sat 15 Feb 2014, 12:00am

A SINGLE, statewide planning system "isn't going to fix anything", according to high-profile developer Errol Stewart. [Read more]

Tasmanian Labor

Liberals must guarantee regional services

Published: Fri 14 Feb 2014, 11:00pm

Labor Minister for Education, Brian Wightman, today called on the Liberal Party to rule out closing facilities such as regional and community libraries as part of its planned cuts. [Read more]

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